Parking and Boating

Trailers and towing vehicles must be parked with due consideration to other road users, and must obey traffic and parking regulations at all times.

Bear in mind that the roads and riverside areas may be very busy.

No boats, vehicles or trailers may obstruct any roads, pavements or footpaths. Also make sure that access to boathouses is kept clear.

Crews must return to their original boating location after finishing their race. Clubs boating from locations other than Putney may not take a trailer there to pick up crews.

Boats should be de-rigged and loaded on to trailers immediately after the race.

Boats left on trailers parked overnight should be tied down carefully. The police advise that there have, in recent years, been incidences of vandalism.

Visiting crews must follow any parking and boating instructions issued by their host club.


Trailers may be parked on the river side only at the Barn Elms (upstream) end of Putney Embankment.

The police may well be monitoring parking and anyone failing to adhere to parking regulations will be dealt with.

Tideway Scullers School

No trailer may be parked under the trees next to the boathouse. Trailers must be parked on the open ground 200 metres downstream from the boathouse, or on the concrete parking area opposite the entrance to Duke's Meadows Golf Club.

Cars should be parked alongside the A316 at the entrance to Dan Mason Drive. Minibuses may be parked along Dan Mason Drive in the area marked out by red and white low bollards.

Boats are to be rigged in the area under the trees between the caravan and the TSS boathouse. The Thames Path is not to be obstructed by boats, trestles, blades or other rowing-related paraphernalia.