2018 Course

Owing to the ongoing Tideway Tunnel works around Putney Pier, the 2018 race will again run from the University Stone at Mortlake to Ranelagh Sailing Club on Putney Embankment.

On race day the finish line will be marked with the usual banners, on the Ranelagh clubhouse and the Bishops Park wall, and the finish circulation pattern is included in the safety and marshalling instructions.

The works began in 2016 and are expected to last for around three and a half years. The Veteran Fours Head committee first agreed the Ranelagh finish for the 2017 race. The committee will watch what other Tideway events are doing and will make an assessment each year, based on experiences of safely marshalling crews who have finished their race.


final start order

Click here to view the final start order

The Safety and Marshalling Instructions are now available in the Safety section of this website.

Please see the information regarding number collection and subsitutions in the Race Day pages.


Provisional start order

Click here to view the provisional start order.

Please notify the entries secretary (vetfoursheadentries@gmail.com) of changes to host clubs by 4.30 p.m. on Friday 26th October to ensure that your number is delivered to the correct collection point.

The 50% substitution rule is now in force. Crews may not change status now that the start order has been published. If you need to make a substitution of more than 50%, or that makes the crew 'underage' for its category, please e-mail the entries secretary.

The safety and marshalling instructions, and final start order, will be posted at 5 p.m. on Friday 26th October.


open for entries

The 2018 race opened for entries at 10 a.m. on Tuesday 12 September. Entries will close at 6 p.m. on Sunday 21 October OR when 260 complete paid entries have been accepted, whichever the earlier.

Complete entries will be accepted on receipt of payment. Crews that have paid but not set a host club on BROE2 will appear as incomplete, and will not be accepted. Click here for the list of host-club contacts.

Click here to view a spreadsheet of the state of entries. Please note that under rule 5-5-3(b) of the rules of racing, 'No official of the competition shall disclose the identity of crews entered into any event but the Organising Committee may at its discretion report the state of the entry list for any events prior to the list being closed.' This spreadsheet shows the number of entries submitted in each category only.

Entries are accepted on completion, including receipt of payment; acceptance on BROE2 sends an automated e-mail to the club's submitting administrator. If you are unsure as to whether your crew has been accepted, please check with your submitting administrator, who will be able to advise.

Note: this spreadsheet is updated in the entries secretary's spare time - NOT real time! 

2018 Events

The following events will be offered for the 2018 race:

  • Masters A to H coxless fours (4-), coxed fours (4+) and coxless quadruple sculls (4x)
  • Masters coxed quadruple sculls (4x+)
  • Masters E/F and G/H double sculls (2x)

All events are for open, women's and mixed crews.

The coxed quads are continued by popular demand. These events are aimed at crews with some racing experience, but who are not yet ready to race in the coxless events.

The double sculls are new events for 2018, to offer masters, particularly those from smaller clubs and masters squads that may not be able to field fours or quads, an additional opportunity to race. These will be handicap events for Masters E/F and G/H crews.