General Information

  • BROE2 will open for entries at 10 a.m. on Wednesday 12 September 2018, and will close at 6 p.m. on Sunday 21 October 2018 OR when 260 paid entries have been accepted, whichever the earlier.
  • Boating permission: All visiting crews must have permission to boat from a host club before submitting entries on BROE2. 
  • Boat ID: All boats must carry a six-figure alphanumeric identification code (e.g. TSS011). Boats without a visible ID code may be penalised.
  • Crew names: Crews will be listed by category and club name in the draw. If two or more crews from the same event are entered in the same event, they will be identified by stroke's surname in brackets, as in the crew name generated by BROE2 - e.g. ULO-Smith. Please do not change the crew name on BROE.
  • Payment of entries: Crews will be accepted on the online entry system on completion of their entry, including payment of their entry fee. Do not, therefore, attempt to wait for your crew to be accepted before making payment. Any crews still unpaid at the close of entries will be rejected, regardless of when the entry was made, and whether or not the event is full. It is the responsibility of individual crews to confirm with their club's BROE2 administrator(s) that their entries have been paid and accepted. Crews are not assured of their place until they have been accepted on the British Rowing Online Entry system. Once crews have been accepted, the submitting administrator will receive an automated confirmation e-mail from the British Rowing Online Entry system.  
  • Capacity: A maximum of 260 paid entries can be accepted.
  • Refunds cannot be offered to crews that withdraw after the close of entries, or race time-only on the day. In the event of cancellation, the race committee will review its expenses and if possible will seek to offer recompense to crews. 
  • Crews may not change status after the provisional start order has been published. 
  • Late entries and/or unpaid cannot be accepted under any circumstances, nor is there a waiting list, and no correspondence will be entered into.

Overseas and non-British Rowing crews 

Overseas crews (including SARA) should contact British Rowing in order to register for online entry.

Crews from Tideway clubs - message from the Chief Marshal:

In order to run the event, the organising committee requires substantial assistance with marshalling and umpiring. Tideway-based clubs racing in the Veteran Fours Head are requested to provide at least one launch and driver. 


It is the responsibility of the individual clubs to enter only crews and coxswains that are sufficiently competent to race. Crews must be capable of completing a ten-mile outing, and may be on the water for more than two hours.

If a club enters a crew that is deemed not to be sufficiently competent, the crew will be escorted off the course and action will be taken against the offending club.